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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Eunice (Single Attached) ₱ 3,852,500 LA 60 sqm / FA 82 sqm
Jessaria (Single Attached) ₱ 3,470,000 LA : 60 sqm / FA : 72 sqm
Joey with Trellis (Single Attached) ₱ 2,960,000 LA : 60 sqm / FA : 60 sqm
Jenica (Single Attached) ₱ 3,306,250 LA: 60 sqm / FA: 50 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Bank Financing
Reservation: Php 20,000
Interest : 7%
Downpayment: 15% Downpayment in 15 Months
Balance: 85% for up to 20 years
Inhouse Financing
Reservation: Php 20,000
Interest : 12% - 14%
Downpayment: 15% Downpayment in 15 Months
Balance: 85% for up to 15 years

As you dream for yourself and love ones, you also think ahead of the future. Is that dream home the perfect one? Is it situated in a comfortable and convenient location?  Are the surroundings refreshing and do they create positive vibes?  Are the amenities to your liking and will you enjoy them to the hilt? Are you and your love ones’ safety and security guaranteed? These and a lot of other considerations usually crop up as you make that decision – perhaps, one of the biggest decisions you can make in your lifetime. After all, spending your hard-earned money or savings surely is not a one-day thing to think over --- it would need a lot of time and a lot of discussions maybe with your spouse, parents or  any member of the family. 

For the men in the house who work hard for the family - as you focus with all your might and determination on your career or business – just be pleased with the thought that all your efforts will be paid for in due time by way of maybe a promotion or an upsurge in your business. Or maybe more success in whatever endeavors you are in.  It’s how you worked your way up to be able to achieve your goals and dreams that matter. All that you do for your love ones will never go unnoticed.  The love, support, care and encouragement of your family are      enough to push you harder and overcome all the challenges along the way. 

Having a home that will be your sanctuary – somewhere where you can build and share with the people whom you care about is the best option you have as you go through life. We all know that life is short so we need to live it fully with people that are most valuable to us – our family, relatives and friends. 

When you choose to stay and live with your dear ones at COLLIN VILLE – you are stepping in a new world that you can completely call your own. This home is a lasting legacy that surely would appreciate over the years. You can pass this legacy to your children and your children’s children.  So, where can you get a home as worthy as this? 

So, what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with any of the Parkhomes Realty’s agent or broker so they can apprise you of more details. Affordable payment schemes as well as options for financing are open for you. Getting a home here is made easier for you so you need not worry.  Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you – better get on feet and do the site tripping as soon as possible before they run out on you. Schedule a site visit now so the agent or broker can also answer all your inquiries and concerns on site. 

Better days are up ahead at COLLIN VILLE. Share the beauty of life around you. Build new memories here with the people who are dearest to you. Live for these moments. After all, life is too beautiful not to be appreciated. There’s so much to hope for as you look forward to more years of life and love.

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