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The facilities and amenities of the community help its homeowners enjoy a truly balanced life. 

At the COLLIN VILLE neighborhood, what you’ll find is the 24 x 7 security which means that you can be assured of a peaceful and secured home for your love ones. What’s comforting to know is that you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you are all protected all the time? That’s one of the property’s management’s priorities. 

There is also a Function Hall where the homeowners can converge for some meet-ups or catch-ups.  This hall is where you can also celebrate family gatherings or friends’ reunions.  Whether you’re celebrating birthdays, baptismal parties, wedding showers, graduations, debut parties, graduation parties or promotions --- you will have the opportunity to do it right at your own home. No need to hurdle the usual traffic to e able to get to one place. It is very convenient as you can do it literally a few steps away from your home. 

The property also has concrete pavements with sidewalks so you have wide spaces to walk, run or jog in. Enjoy the long walks around the greeneries, big trees and vibrant, colorful blooms around.

  • Function Hall
  • Concrete pavements and sidewalks
  • Round the Clock Security
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